Total Borneo and Brunei Shell Petroleum, Brunei Darussalam


Our nowcast and forecast services for meteorological and oceanographic conditions allow for safer offshore oil and gas operations

Offshore oil and gas operations are often impacted by meteorological and oceanographic conditions, with potentially devastating consequences for lives, the environment and businesses if safety issues are not properly addressed.

Our joint project with Total Borneo and Brunei Shell Petroleum includes real-time monitoring of the conditions off Brunei’s shores. Through the analysis of big data from a variety of sources, we provide continuous predictions of sea and wave conditions.

The meteorological and oceanographic forecast system helps companies make decisions that protect both worker safety and the continuity of their offshore operations.

The analysis and visualisation of the results are made available on the Cloud, and disseminated through our Cloud services. This allows users to view the results at any time, and from any machine or device.