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H2i: Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

From urbanisation and the growing pressure on limited resources, to climate change, the environment we depend on is a dynamic and fast-changing one. This necessitates a holistic approach to understanding, managing and building resilience to risks and the threat they pose to infrastructure, lives and livelihoods.

In this approach, technology and data are underutilised tools. Data and the insights they provide are key to helping us understand the threats of the present and anticipate those of the future.

At H2i, we bring together the best available knowledge, expertise and technology in water management to help our clients develop solutions to real-world water challenges.

Ultimately, this will allow us to achieve a shared goal – and give us a fighting chance in a war that humanity cannot afford to lose.

Video courtesy of Videvo Water is critical to human survival, and technology is key to managing it better The Race To Resilience – In Real-Time Learn more about Climate Resilience


Exploiting the potential of technology, we create the solutions and systems for water and weather management


H2i helps you determine your water-related challenges and their potential implications on infrastructure, lives and livelihoods


Armed with data and insights, we work together on mitigating the impact of water-related events, and ensuring effective real-time management