Video courtesy of Videvo Our Story Built on a foundation of scientific research, H2i is today a leader in water management, drawing on a deep understanding of real-world water issues and the technologies that can be applied to solving them
  • Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

    H2i was built on the foundations of the Singapore Delft Water Alliance (SDWA), a Centre of Excellence which undertook a broad spectrum of research in urban and coastal water resource management, sharing its findings nationally and internationally.

Today, we draw from that collective experience in research and specialist consultancy, and find application for it in the real world.

Using big data analytics, machine learning and advanced computer modelling, our teams develop, execute and manage specialist consultancy projects in the fields of monitoring, hydrodynamic modelling, water quality modelling, and operational management systems.

With state-of-the-art computer modelling software for coastal waters, estuaries, rivers, lakes, and rural and urban areas, we find innovative ways to leverage the potential of big data for better inland and coastal water management.

Since H2i was established as a company in June 2014, we have signed and executed multiple contracts with government agencies, private and public listed firms, as well as NGOs in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East.

We also work closely with national water organisations in countries including Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Oman, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Kazakhstan. In Singapore, for example, we maintain the nation’s most accurate 3D hydrodynamic model.

Our aim is to be Asia’s leading service solution and consultancy service provider on data driven water resources management.

Some of our key projects include:

Project Neptune

Real-time coastal water quality modelling and monitoring system, Singapore

Rainfall Radar Nowcasting

Rainfall monitoring and nowcasting system for the Marina Catchment, Singapore

National Hydrometric Monitoring System

Real-time monitoring of water levels and rainfall, Oman

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To solve water management problems using big data analytics, machine learning and advanced computer modelling

Our Vision

To become the leading service solution and consultancy service provider on computer modelling for water resources management globally

The H2i Advantage

Bringing the best minds in the industry together.