PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

Phase I completed, Phase II ongoing

Accurate quantitative rainfall prediction at high temporal and spatial resolution is vital for flood management and operations at Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB.

Yet, it is a challenge to obtain such accurate rainfall data and forecasts in Singapore, where convective storms are common and rainfall is typically very local.

H2i has been working on a project to develop a high-resolution rainfall detection and forecast system based on state-of-art X-band weather radar technology.

X-band weather radars are compact, cost effective and energy efficient. They can also provide near real-time and high-resolution rainfall data.

Working with weather radar specialists from the radar supplier Furuno, H2i started this system for the PUB since June 2016. It has been completed in March 2019.

This project will create opportunities for the development of a commercial X-band radar rainfall monitoring and nowcasting system that could apply to flood management in other cities in Asia.