H2i’s ambition is to continue developing innovative digital solutions that could significantly impact the water sector in years to come. To realize this ambition, we are growing our data science team. Yixin joined our team in July 2019; meet her through a short introduction below: 

Jiang Yixin completed her master’s degree from National University of Singapore in 2014 on Industrial & System Engineering. She is an experienced, passionate Data Scientist specializing in deep learning for computer vision, machine learning, data analysis, optimization, simulation and software development. Yixin has focused on the developments of various analytics solutions based on machine learning and deep learning for data driven logistic, urban infrastructure management, and capacity planning. She has also developed online decision support system integrating data analysis, optimization and simulation to support decision-making, design and collaborative management of emergence medical service system and power grid systems. Within H2i she is now working on amongst others the CCTV to Rainfall project  and to realize radar improvements using machine learning.