Over the past 2 months that I spent with H2i, I came to understand how technology and data can be implemented in different areas of the water industry to help various countries, organizations and companies in policies & decision-making, planning & managing water resources, and monitoring water quality.

Thanks to the guidance of my colleagues, I have gained knowledge and various hands-on experiences using different software in hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling. They have always been patient in answering my queries about how certain things work, why something works but other things don’t and many more.

Other than that, being handed with loads of data was daunting at first, but with the help of fellow colleagues, I was able to process big data and draw meaningful insights, whether it is about the dynamics of different water quality in coastal areas or how different processes in a water cycle affect the water quality, etc. Then, I learned how to narrate with my data, using interactive, available tools to make it easier for others people to see and understand. I was also inspired by senior consultants and data scientists in H2i to take up coding for data analysis and it was a huge learning curve for me.

Beside all the technical knowledge, I also got a taste of how consultants work. I got to attend external meeting with clients and agencies to understand their needs and how H2i can come into the scene. Besides, I also had an opportunity to participate in Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), which was really eye-opening in seeing how complex are the water issues these days in various countries and what they have done to combat such issues.

This internship has truly been enriching as I was able to pick up a wide range of knowledge and it gives me a better understanding of the water sector in Singapore and worldwide. I come to be appreciative of different solutions towards water issues. As I will be finishing my study and join the workforce, I hope to bring the application of data and technology to solve such issues and create a better living environment for everyone.

I am always thankful for this amazing opportunity that H2i gave me!