The Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) is pleased to welcome our interns Ding Man and Chen Lin.

Ding Man – Up till now, the meaning of my life has always been exploration. I joined the French double degree program offered by NUS and spent two years in Paris where I had plenty of precious opportunities to explore the possibilities of my life. After returning from Paris, this internship attracts my attention as it offers a completely new perspective: to think like a data engineer. When I first saw the terms ‘big data analytics, machine learning, advanced modeling’ in the job description, I had no idea how these concepts are going to solve the real-world water challenges. Only when I have started doing the work myself, everything becomes clear and interconnected. Even for the routine works, like manual data identification/classification, it is fun to play around and try to figure out a more efficient way of processing them. I am still flushed with excitement working in the new field and hope I can make the best of this internship in these two months. Many thanks to H2I for this opportunity. 

Chen Lin – As a fresh civil engineering graduate, I have a keen interest in water resource engineering and management. I had previously interned at engineering companies in the water sector to learn about the construction, design, and planning of water infrastructure. H2i’s specialty in water modeling and big data computing offers another perspective to the industry. Not only is H2i a consultancy, but it also carries projects of R&D nature, which is a completely different experience for me. I am currently assisting data scientists in processing CCTV images for machine learning in a project that will utilize cameras to estimate rainfall intensity. The enormous amount of data may be intimidating now, but I am excited for the subsequent stages that will eventually lead to a functional system. In my two months here, I hope to be exposed to the use of data analysis to draw insights for water resource policies. I have also been inspired to pick up coding, which is becoming more of an essential skill for engineers.

Welcome to the team, Ding Man and Chen Lin