Specialists from the Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) have completed six months of training for Singapore-based water quality & IT experts on the system architecture, monitoring, and maintenance of the Delft-FEWS platform.

The Delft-FEWS platform is used for disseminating real-time and forecasted hydrologic and water quality information to operators so they can make better-informed decisions. The platform can be customised to the specific requirements of an individual or organisation.

Training – held over three sessions – was conducted between 26 July and 13 December 2018.

The first session focused on the administrative aspects of Delft-FEWS. Participants were taken through the principles of the Delft-FEWS platform, forecast management, the non-ICT focused aspects of system monitoring (foreground monitoring), the admin interface, and the configuration of the platform.

The next session zoomed in on the more functional aspects, including how FEWS – the background component – works. Trainees were given a functional overview of the hardware and infrastructural components, and taken through database maintenance, logging, and data acquisition.

The final session involved a more in-depth knowledge transfer of the root configuration, as well as troubleshooting, monitoring that requires ICT knowledge (background monitoring), maintenance, and discussing the common issues users encounter.

The sessions were well received. Participants said they gained a better understanding of the Delft-FEWS system and appreciated that the course was fully-customised, with examples tailored to their own system.

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