Asian Development Bank (ADB) has awarded Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) a contract for conducting a Water quality modelling training. This one-day training will equip ADB staff with key skills and the necessary knowledge to evaluate water quality modelling studies. These studies are increasingly being undertaken by ADB as a part of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), conducted for projects awarded under their funding. The training will also demonstrate to ADB staff the relevance and importance of water quality modelling in EIA studies for large-scale infrastructure projects and will introduce ADB staff to the best current practices in water quality modelling.

The training course will take place in November 2018 and is the first such course given by H2i to a large international funding agency.

H2i provides training courses on a regular basis, mostly to agencies in Singapore as part of ongoing projects. The institute provides training for various water modelling tools as well as operational management systems, such as Delft-FEWS (