Specialists from the Hydroinformatics institute have completed the second training course on Operational Management Systems (OMS) for water systems to the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII). HAII is one of Thailand’s leading water agencies that applies science and technology in the areas of water resource management and water monitoring at the national, regional, provincial and community levels.

In March 2019, H2i and HAII signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) cementing a research collaboration that enables capacity building for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and technical skills.

This well received training course was part of a broader training program to enhance HAII researchers with the knowledge and technical skills to develop an application of OMS customized for urban flood management.

With its vast experience in OMS-based urban flood management, H2i is able to provide the expertise to equip HAII with the relevant knowledge and skill-sets to implement an OMS for urban flood water management.


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  • Water modelling tools

  • Water quality modelling

  • Hydraulic modelling

  • Hydrological modelling

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