H2i is proud to be developing an X-band radar system for detailed rainfall monitoring and nowcast for the Marina Catchment, Singapore. This ongoing project was awarded to H2i by PUB Singapore’s National Water Agency in early 2016.


As a part of this project, H2i has given 2 training sessions to PUB operators and managers on all aspects of the developed radar system. The course participants learned how to work with the web interface which disseminates all radar measurements and nowcast predictions. Understanding and appreciation of the tools available on the web interface was one of the key aspects of the training. These tools enable the users, amongst others, to analyse heavy rainfall events, download specific selections of data and to analyse the performance of the nowcast system.


H2i provides training courses on a regular basis to industry and agencies in Singapore and international organizations globally!  Our upcoming training will be held at the Asian Development Bank headquarters in Manila and will focus on equipping ADB staff with key skills and necessary knowledge to evaluate water quality modelling studies. More information available at: https://www.h2i.sg/news/2018/9/10/h2i-to-provide-water-quality-modelling-training-to-adb-staff