The Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) has opened an office in Sarajevo, Bosnia-
Herzegovina, on the Balkan Peninsula.

The Balkans is an emerging region in southeastern Europe that battles flooding and other water-issues. Countries in the region have been rebuilding and redeveloping, and are looking to address their climate- and water-related challenges, explains Ms Visnja Coric, Operations Manager of H2i Singapore and Director of H2i Balkans.

“The region has a lot of potential and it is an excellent place to start in Europe,” she adds.

H2i Balkans will also be a base from which H2i will service its Europe-based clients.

H2i is a fast-growing Singapore-registered technology company that specializes in the use of big data analytics, machine learning and advanced computer modeling to solve real-world water issues. It develops, executes and manages specialist consultancy projects in the fields of monitoring, hydrodynamic modelling, water quality modelling and operational water management systems.

While a significant portion of its clients are based in Asia, H2i is looking to grow its reach into Europe with its deep understanding of water issues and unique proprietary solutions, explains Ms Coric.

The Balkans is a region that includes countries on the Balkan Peninsula, including most of the former Yugoslavia.