H2i’s ambition is to continue developing innovative digital solutions that could significantly impact the water sector in the years to come. To realize this ambition, we continue to grow our radar team. Munsung joined our team in September 2019; meet him through a short introduction below:

Munsung Keem is receiving his Ph.D. degree from the Hydraulics and Water Resources program at the University of Iowa in the United States by the end of 2019. As a research assistant at the Iowa Flood Center and IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, he has focused on understanding the spatiotemporal structures of errors in radar rainfall estimates and developing radar rainfall retrieval algorithms for real-time flood forecasting.

His interests are in incorporating multiple data sources obtained by remote sensing techniques such as weather radars and satellites to measure, model, and forecast precipitation as accurate as possible.  To fulfil the interests, he focuses on big data analysis, cloud computing, time series and geostatistical analysis, machine learning, and data fusion with optimization. Until now, he has been involved in multiple projects related to water resources from academy and industry: development of a statistical downscaling algorithm of precipitation from Global Circulation Models; development of a cloud-based radar rainfall processing system using radar network observations; assessment of a rainwater harvesting system for stormwater management.

Within H2i he is now working on a project to further improve high-resolution rainfall detection and forecast system based on X-band weather radar network in Singapore.