H2i’s ambition is to continue developing innovative digital solutions that could significantly impact the water sector in years to come. To realize this ambition, we are growing our data science team. Nipun Bhushan joined our team in May 2020; meet him through a short introduction below:

I started my career in 2008, as a Software engineer and worked on numerous interesting projects for various sectors in India including government, healthcare and avionics during the initial 4 years. During that time, Data Science was gaining much popularity. It drew a lot of interest and attention within me. In 2013, I came to Singapore to pursue my Masters in Intelligent Systems from NUS, Singapore. My career line eventually changed from Software Engineering to Data Engineering & Science. I started my first job in Singapore in 2014 as a Data Engineer to work for Standard Chartered Bank. I worked there for 4 years, before I planned to make a total shift into the Data Science sector. In 2019, I joined a Video Analytics company, XRVision where I worked intensively on Deep Learning and Computer Vision Projects.

I have now joined Hydroinformatics Institute as a Data Scientist, and am excited to work here!