Hydroinformatics Institute warmly welcomes Abhishek Saha as computing engineer.

Having masters degrees from Delft University of Technology and National University of Singapore on Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, Abhishek’s main expertise lies in development and application of advanced computing.

“We are very delighted Abhishek has joined H2i. He will add to H2i’s vision to bring advanced computing to the world of big water data”, says H2i managing director Jair Smits.

Abhishek has been involved with the code development of high-resolution hydrodynamic models and their application in urban floods. After his masters in 2014, Abhishek continued as a researcher at NUS, where he was involved in a groundwater research project as computational modeling specialist. He also contributed to research efforts to apply machine learning, deep learning and data driven methodologies in rainfall, rainfall-runoff and flooding forecasting issues. Abhishek’s interest lies in developing scalable solutions in water management with HPC and cloud computing frameworks.

Welcome to the team Abhishek!