We warmly welcome Dr Jingjie Zhang as Chief Water Quality Scientist to Hydroinformatics Institute (H2I).

Dr. Zhang  has more than 20 years of research and consulting experience in environmental engineering and computer modelling, and has been involved in in-depth and practical development and application of computer models for assessment of water quality in marine waters, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and wetlands. He has been working on various national and international projects in China, Denmark, USA and Singapore, including several consulting projects under UNEP. His work has been involved in both theoretical study and consultancy in water-related areas. He is particularly interested in integrated catchment-scale modeling approaches to addressing various environmental and ecological problems.



张博士在环境工程和计算机建模方面具有20多年的研究和咨询经验,从事于海洋,湖泊,水库,池塘,湿地等水质机算机模型的实际开发和应用。 张博士参于了多项中国,丹麦,美国和新加坡等国家和国际合作项目,其中包括几项联合国环境规划署下咨询项目。 他的主要研究兴趣包括与水质有关的理论研究和应用, 尤其综合流域范围内的各种环境和生态问题建模的研究和应用。