The Hydroinformatics Institute is driven by a team of computing and IT specialists who are passionate about solving water issues using big data analytics, machine learning and advanced modelling. We bring the latest in science and technology to real-world water challenges.

We offer a vibrant work environment with plenty of room for personal development, and are always interested in people with skills in advanced computing, development and operations, and coastal and hydrological modelling. Follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know about openings at H2i.

Current Vacancies

Research Engineer

We are seeking a highly-motivated, self-driven individual to join our company in the position for full-time research engineer with experience in CFD, high performance computing (HPC) and environmental problems. The engineer will be responsible for devising and implementing new high-performance algorithms and testing existing codes related to computational hydraulics. The engineer will also be involved in projects related to application of numerical modelling in hydrology and water management problems, from concept stage to product implementations.

  • Work with frontend, backend software developers, data scientists and water management consultants in projects and product developments.

  • Formulate novel numerical algorithms to solve computational hydraulics problems related to surface-subsurface flow

  • Implement efficient software for the numerical algorithms on state-of-the-art HPC environments (multicore/multiple CPUs, GPUs)

  • Assist in computational modeling of flow and transport problems in hydraulics (surface and groundwater) with existing software

We are looking for candidates with following skill set: 

  • A PhD or Master’s degree in engineering or mathematical sciences

  • Proficiency in Fortran 90/95, and/or C/C++ for HPC and experience with parallel computing frameworks OpenMP, MPI and/or CUDA is preferred

  • Proficiency in scripting languages like in R, Python etc. and statistical analysis packages

  • Experience in projects related to numerical methods and scientific computing, and application to environmental fluid dynamics problems

  • Solid interpersonal and communication skills to communicate insights and complex information to both technical and non-technical decision makers.

To apply, please submit your motivation letter and CV.

Data Engineer

H2i is growing its data science team and looking for full time data engineers/analysts to join us! H2i is dedicated to developing advanced computational and technological solutions and apply in the water industry. A diverse set of problems are being currently tackled at H2i which provides us with a variety of data with uncertainties, and the necessity to analyze the data and formulate machine learning models.

Roles and Responsibilities:                                                      

  • Implement data wrangling, pre-processing and preparation scripts for available raw environmental data

  • Create and maintain databases for different kinds of geo-spatiotemporal data

  • Monitor and manage data pipelines and test production codes

  • Implement statistical and machine learning algorithms for data analysis and knowledge derivation

  • Implement data visualization solutions for post processing and communication to internal and external teams 

We are looking for candidates with following skill set: 

  • Familiarity with open source data visualization frameworks with D3.js is preferred

  • Understanding of database concepts and distributed processing systems and knowledge of one of the frameworks – Hadoop, Spark, NOSQL etc.

  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills

  • Interest in developing environmental solutions

  • Masters or PhD in mathematical sciences, or engineering

  • Programming capability in data science languages – Python, R, and preferably in core languages – C, C++

  • Understanding of and ability to code algorithms related to multivariate statistics, spatio-temporal statistics, time series analysis, and common machine learning algorithms in clustering, dimensionality reduction, neural networks etc.

To apply, please submit your motivation letter and CV.

Junior Software Engineer

H2i is growing its software development team and is looking for a full time junior software engineer to join us! H2i is dedicated to developing advanced web based software solutions for application in the water industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement graphical design into a web interface

  • Integrate various front- end back-end components into a distributed scalable system

  • Support existing code and its integrity

  • Assist in support and further improvement of existing systems

  • Write and support code documentation 

We are looking for candidates with following skill set: 

  • Strong experience in HTML5, CSS, Javascript

  • Proficiency in Node.js, or other backend support languages

  • Proficiency in Git

  • Proficiency in Python language and web development frameworks

  • Basic proficiency in Adobe Photoshop

  • Ability to work independently and possess good problem solving skills

To apply, please submit your motivation letter and CV.