We have the expertise and tools to help determine your water-related challenges and their implications on concerns such as water quality, urban development and coastal stability. Our expertise covers three key areas: inland water systems, coastal and oceanographic water systems, and weather.

Through data analysis, computer modelling and simulations, and advisory and reporting, we help both private and public sector clients understand what is at stake and how to manage and plan for it.


Our team has conducted flood risk and climate change impact assessments for clients in Oman, Singapore and Sri Lanka, and water quality and environmental impact assessments in Singapore.

We provide:

  • Coastal Development Related Services
  • Coastal Stability Studies
  • Water Quality Impact Assessments
  • Capacity Training and Knowledge Development
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Flood Risk Mapping
  • Climate Change Impact Assessments
  • Urban and Area Planning Related Services


H2i was appointed to conduct a hydrology study for Sri Lanka’s Kalmunai region ahead of its planned development. The region is vulnerable to rising sea levels, the salination of water resources and storm surges. Modelling allows it to anticipate the potential impact of urban development and climate change, and build a flood-handling system into its design.

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Operational Water Management

Our Operational Water Management Systems feed real-time data from direct and indirect monitoring of various parameters into computer models that represent both the current and future state of bodies of water.

Better forecasting allows for better environment and development-related decisions, and supports proactive, real-time management of climatological, environmental and socio-economic events.


    This means, for example, being able to anticipate changes in water levels, and issue flood warnings or deploy mitigation measures. Our clients include water agencies in Singapore, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Brunei.

    We provide:

    • Operational Coastal Water Management
    • Rainfall Radar Nowcast and Forecast
    • Oil Spill Response
    • Hydrometric Information Systems
    • Flood Early Warning Systems
    • Operational Water Reservoir Management


    In Oman, where flash floods cause infrastructural damage amounting to millions of dollars each year, our Hydrometric Information Management System provides real-time insights into water levels and rainfall. This allows for timely warnings of heavy rainfall and high water levels, and for the evacuation of hazard zones.

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    Digital Solutions

    We provide and promote data-driven water resources management in Asia by harnessing the power of data streams, as well as through machine learning and advanced computer modelling.

    Our customised digital products allow our clients to apply the insights gleaned from advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge, and to better manage risks and opportunities at the national, regional and organisation levels.

    We have developed such solutions for inland and coastal water systems, and weather management. Most recently, we won the contract to map Singapore’s runoff onto the country’s semantic 3D model, Virtual Singapore.

    We provide:

    • Data Assimilation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Big Data Analysis
    • Data Analytics
    • Data-Driven Modelling


    Having created Virtual Singapore, a 3D model of the island state, GovTech invited proposals to develop and showcase solutions that leveraged this data. Our proposal to develop Virtual Water for Virtual Singapore  will allow the relevant authorities to better understand urban flooding and plan for adequate infrastructure to be deployed. Our proposal was supported by government agencies including PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency, the Housing and Development Board, and JTC Corporation.