A deep understanding of water is key to tackling a wide range of
Global Issues.

Our specialists bring the most advanced technologies to water-related issues across the hydrological cycle, finding impactful applications for big data analytics, machine learning and advanced modelling. 

At the Hydroinformatics Institute, we develop, execute and manage specialist consultancy projects in the fields of monitoring, hydrodynamic modelling, water quality modelling and operational management systems, and develop digital products and solutions that relate to water.



We have the expertise and tools to help address your water-related challenges and their implications on concerns such as from water quality and urban development to coastal stability. Through data analytics, computer modelling and simulations, and advisory and reporting, we help both public and private clients understand what is at stake, and how to manage and plan for it.

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We provide both direct and indirect monitoring, and use model simulations to supplement the data collected, allowing for better forecasting. This means being able to make better environment and development-related decisions, and proactively manage climatological, environmental and socio-economic events, from increased rainfall to oil spills, in real time.

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We provide and spearhead data-driven water resources management in Asia, by harnessing the power of data streams as well as computer modelling and machine learning. Our customised digital products allow our clients to apply the insights gleaned from advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge, and to better manage risks and opportunities at the national, regional and corporate levels. We have developed solutions for inland and coastal water systems, and weather management.

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Project Neptune

Real-Time Coastal Water Quality Modeling and Monitoring System, Singapore

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Rainfall Radar Nowcasting

Rainfall monitoring and nowcasting system for the Marina Catchment, Singapore


Real-time monitoring of water levels and rainfall, Oman

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