Sri Lanka’s Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply.



Singapore’s Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) has completed a hydrology study for the Kalmunai region in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province. This study supports the future development of the region so water-related issues can be better anticipated.

The study has created a water balance of the catchment to determine available resources and identify risks and opportunities. On top of this a rainfall-runoff and flood model was developed to evaluate flood risks. To provide recommendations for the different development scenarios under consideration in the master plan.

The study was performed for Sri Lanka’s Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply. The results of the study will feed into a Master Plan on Integrated Township Development being developed for Kalmunai as well as Sammanthurai, which is located in the same province, by the Ministry and the University of Moratuwa.

The aim of the Masterplan is to turn Kalmunai into a modern commercial hub with infrastructure including high-rise buildings, highways, and transport networks, according to City Planning and Water Supply Minister and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader, Rauff Hakeem. The masterplan follows a five-year Eastern Development Plan (2012-2016) initiated by the Eastern Development Council.