Jurong town corporation, SINGAPORE


Global warming will cause sea levels to rise and higher intensity rainfall. Making use of the data from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report, the 2nd National Climate Change Study has examined the long term effect of climate change in Singapore. The 2nd National Climate Change Study found that the mean sea level around Singapore could rise up to 0.76m and projected an increasing trend in both intensity and frequency of heavy rainfall. JTC’s infrastructure may not be able to cope with such effects of global warming, resulting in floods.

The purpose of this Study is therefore to identify the specific sites within JTC’s industrial estates which are at risk, and develop the necessary adaptation plans. More specifically, the study will identify potential areas of flooding based on land elevation and infrastructure data. The risks of flooding will then be assessed against various climate change scenarios (relating to rainfall, storm surges and sea level rise) using mathematical modelling. Detailed adaptation measures and associated implementation plans will then be formulated to
reduce these risks.

H2I is working with Ramboll Environ for this Study.